Arcade machine rental

For all your events or just for fun, consider renting! We are among the cheapest on the market, and offer a reliable and qualitative solution for a zero stress rental. We can take care of the delivery for simplicity, you can also come and pick them up with us to save a maximum, it is you who see.

By renting several machines, you can recreate a real arcade room for a weekend or several months.

Arcade bollard Metallicade at the Make 2018 Maker

For logistics, 3 solutions:

Models offered for rent:

The Metallicade was designed for rental. Compact and light (48x42x70 cm for 24kg), it arrives at your home in a suitable box well maintained in its foam wedges. It is used placed on a simple table or on the foot that we offer as an option, for 2 players standing in front. Plug it into a 220V socket and it lights up, nothing to explain the system is very intuitive, you choose your game and launch it is child's play.

You can choose from a wide range of decorations, but we can also offer you a personalized decoration. With the colors of your company, a football team, or photos of your friend whose birthday it is, anything is possible!

Price examples






129 € / month if 12 month commitment
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