Bartop 2d 4/3 – Street Fighter with coin operated



Immerse yourself in the golden age of video games with this Street Fighter 100% 2-player bartop Made in France.

Find on this arcade terminal more than 30 years of video game history, thousands of games on about thirty different platforms.

For a stunning curvaceous look and rock-solid durability, we chose steel. You won't see them like this anywhere else, we are the only ones to do it!

Additional details

A great Street Fighter 5 decoration on this terminal which has the particularity of carrying a coin mechanism.

See this terminal in video

  • Laser cut steel frame, rolled then welded. Baked epoxy paint
  • 20.3” (52 cm) true 4/3 screen with matte panel and resolution of 1600×1200 pixels
  • Pandora box 6 game system with 1300 games included
  • Coin comparator with coins or tokens: you put inside it as a "witness" the coin with which you want to make it work, it compares this captive coin to the inserted coins to see if it is the same. At the rear, you can access the coin collection tray through a solid door that is locked.
  • Sanwa Joysticks JLF-TP-8Y
  • Sanwa OBSF 30 chrome buttons with the most beautiful effect
  • Printed aluminum side decorations
  • LED backlit glass marquee
  • 2 HP wideband 8 cm with large coil
  • 2x20W digital amplifier (Class T)
  • Works with a single 110/240V outlet

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Arcade machine presentation


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