Terminal Full-size 4/3 - Smash Bros


Immerse yourself in the golden age of video games with this Full-size Smash Bros 100% cabinet Made in France.

Find on this arcade terminal more than 30 years of video game history, thousands of games on about thirty different platforms.

For a stunning curvaceous look and rugged durability, we chose steel. You won't see them like this anywhere else, we are the only ones to do it!

Additional details

  • Laser cut steel frame, rolled then welded. Baked epoxy paint
  • 20.3” (52 cm) true 4/3 screen with matte panel and resolution of 1600×1200 pixels
  • Raspberry Pi4 Game System + Recalbox > see the list of the 2000 games included / Official site / Youtube channel
  • Sanwa Joysticks JLF-TP-8Y
  • Sanwa OBSF 30 Buttons
  • Printed aluminum side decorations
  • LED backlit glass marquee
  • 2 HP wideband 8 cm with large coil
  • 2x20W digital amplifier (Class T)
  • Large illuminated storage space with 2 glass shelves
  • Works with a single 110/240V outlet

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