9 Netflix Series Not to Miss in September 2023

The month of September 2023 spoiled us with a multitude of exciting new series on Netflix. In this article, we will highlight these series fantastic, comedic and action-packed that you should definitely add to your viewing list. We'll dive into each series and give you an overview of what you can expect.

1. “The Chosen One”

“The Chosen One” is a fantasy mystery series led by Everard of God. The story revolves around Johnny, a young boy who suddenly discovers that he possesses supernatural powers similar to those of Jesus. He can convert water into wine, heal paralyzed people, and even bring the dead back to life. However, his life is turned upside down when the community's authorities try to convince him to use his powers to save humanity. Johnny, for his part, only wants one thing: to conquer the heart of the girl he loves. But as the plot develops, Johnny fights and eventually accepts his fate, discovering the whole truth about who he really is.

2. “A Perfect Story”

“A Perfect Story” is a romantic miniseries created by Cesar Benitez. The plot focuses on Margot, who flees her own marriage and becomes disoriented. She is the heir to a hotel dynasty, while on the other side, David has to work multiple jobs to survive. David and Margot come from different backgrounds, but when their paths cross, they help each other win back the affections of their respective partners. However, things get complicated when they discover how compatible they are. This series explores themes such as love, friendship, family challenges and bonds, and when two people become friends with benefits.

3. “My Dad, The Bounty Hunter”

“My Dad, The Bounty Hunter” is a science fiction and adventure series created by Ever Downing Jr. and Patrick Carpin. Before we dive into the second season, here's a brief, spoiler-free review of the first season. The series focuses on the adventures of Maddie, a young girl, and her father Terry, who is a bounty hunter. Together, they go on daring expeditions to track down cosmic criminals. The second season begins with Lisa, who is having trouble concentrating at school after seeing the vastness of the world, while Terry gives up bounty hunting, but gets captured by a bounty hunter. This prompts Tess, Terry's wife, to embark on a journey to locate and rescue her husband. The second season explores various themes, including family bonds, power within the empire, and saving the planet.

4. “Behind Your Touch”

“Behind Your Touch” is a supernatural mystery series led by Kim Seek You and Chibo Yoon. The series revolves around Yibon, a medical professional with psychic abilities that allow him to read the memories of people and animals by rubbing their rears. He is associated with Inspector Moon Jang Yael, a police officer who is expelled to a small village due to his violent behavior. Together, they work to solve crimes in the community, forming an unusual friendship. So far only four episodes have aired, but they're proving to be quite enjoyable.

5. “Painkiller”

“Painkiller” is a limited drama series created by Micah Fitzerman-Blue. This series tells the story of how America's opioid crisis was sparked by the popular painkiller Oxycontin. The story focuses on Richard Sackler, a businessman willing to do anything to bring a product to market and make millions of dollars. Meanwhile, investigator E. Flowers tries to find the person responsible for the opioids, while an Oxycontin sales rep makes a fortune persuading doctors to buy a drug they know nothing about. Each episode begins by highlighting real people who have lost a loved one to Oxycontin, exploring the tearing apart of families caused by drugs and the obsession with inheritance.

6. “Mask Girl”

“Mask Girl” is a 2023 mystery series directed by Kim Young Hun. The story revolves around Kim Momi, an office worker who has always dreamed of being a celebrity, but is prevented from doing so because of her appearance. Feeling self-conscious about her appearance, she decides to work as a hidden online celebrity at night to gain the fame and money she desires. However, this new obsession quickly turns into a nightmare, plunging her into a difficult path that includes murder, retribution and revenge. The series begins as a darkly humorous social satire, then develops into a revenge story and finally becomes a tumultuous drama.

7. “Guns and Gulaabs”

“Guns and gulaabs” is a 2023 crime and thriller series directed by Raj and DK. The story is set in the violent and criminal environment of the 1990s and tells the story of an honest police officer who is fed up with his boring life and decides to earn some extra money to advance in his career. However, things don't go as planned, and he finds himself involved with strange criminals, finding himself caught between two rival groups competing for a lucrative drug cartel market. The mystery surrounding the case gradually unravels, revealing that local gangs seek to maximize illegal drug production to satisfy a customer.

8. “Ragnarok”

“Ragnarok” is one of the best Netflix deals that you shouldn't miss. The series focuses on Norse mythology and gods, offering a contemporary interpretation of popular Norse gods such as Thor, Lukey, Odin, the Giants, and many more. The story takes place in a small village in Norway which is suffering from climate change. The locals are oblivious to the presence of the ancient Norse gods. The series follows Magma's journey as he discovers his connection to Norse mythology and the impending war between the giants and the gods. The creative fusion of Norse mythology and modern storytelling is elegantly complemented by the magnificent stage landscape, delivering superb performances. Even though you might not agree with some of the plot points, “Ragnarok” is full of excellent aspects, including a fresh look at ancient tales, ancient stories and supernatural elements.

9. “Missing The Other Side”

“Missing The Other Side” is a fantasy and thriller series led by Mimi and Hong. The second season of this fantasy series concluded on January 31, 2023. For those new to the series, the story takes place in an enigmatic village where ghosts exist. It follows Kim Look, a conman who steals money from people, but after an incident with some bad guys, he is called to serve in a village where the dead roam. What's intriguing is that Kimwa can see these villagers even though they are invisible to the outside world. He ends up working with them to discover the secret of the banished dead and the hunting spirits. In the second season, Kimwa is once again drawn into an exciting new mystery that begins with the arrival of a young man, sparking a series of unexpectedly life-changing incidents. This second season skillfully builds on the foundation established by the first season, paying homage to the elements that contributed to the series' enormous success.

In conclusion, These 9 Netflix series offer a variety of gripping storylines that will keep you hooked to your screen. So, sit back and get ready for hours of quality entertainment. Don’t miss these exciting new releases on Netflix!

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