Full-size arcade machines

From 2599 €

Full size 4/3

48cm x 48cm x 159cm


Full size 16/9

60cm x 48cm x 159cm


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Steel frame

For a stunning curvaceous look and rock-solid durability, we chose steel. You won't see them like this anywhere else, we are the only ones to do it! The chassis is laser cut, rolled, epoxy painted and then oven baked, for a timeless and durable look.

Thanks to its thinness, the steel allows a close fit with the screen and the marquee, but also to maximize the surface available for the decoration of the sides.

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4:3 or 16:9 screen

4/3 screen of 20.3” (52 cm) and 1600x1200px: one of the largest existing 4/3 format. To play in the original format of retro games, without black bars on the sides, without stretching or cropping the image. It is no longer manufactured and therefore comes from the second-hand market, but still has the 2-year warranty like the rest and we will always keep some in stock to ensure after-sales service.

Optional 16/9 screen of 24″ (61 cm) and 1920x1080px: it is recommended for those who want a larger terminal for more comfort for 2 and/or a larger screen, perfect for connecting next-gen consoles like PlayStation/Xbox or PC. Unlike the 4/3 screen, the 16/9 format is a new screen

Both have a matte panel that will allow you to play without being bothered by reflections.

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Joysticks / buttons

Japanese Sanwa controls represent the benchmark of the arcade. They offer an inimitable touch, unfailing durability and a wide range of colors. For the illuminated buttons we use Seimitsu, another Japanese brand that offers a wider range of colors

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The sides accommodate decorations printed directly on aluminum plates, no stickers that peel off after a few years. The plates are fixed by magnets to change the decor in the blink of an eye 😉 As an option, you can also put wood, backlit plexiglass, leather... All the craziness are allowed, don't hesitate to tell us about your desires!

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USB sockets

To connect a wired controller, a keyboard or even to charge your laptop! This is also where you plug in the USB key containing the games on Raspberry.

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Storage room

A wide but discreet door gives access to a large storage volume of 44x46x84cm (56x46x84cm on the model with 16:9 screen). Lit by LEDs and equipped with two glass shelves, it is perfect for for setting up a bar, storing your game collections etc. You can also remove the door to make an exhibition space.

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Behind the laser-cut grilles directly in the chassis are two high-quality full-range loudspeakers with 2x20W Tripath digital amplifier. You can expect a very very good sound! The aluminum volume button is easily accessible on the front between the speakers

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All of our gaming systems are WiFi enabled for to access the internet, download new games/themes and configure your machine, on Raspberry and PC you will also have bluetooth to connect wireless headphones and/or bluetooth controllers (on Pandora you will need a model with usb receiver)

Game system

raspberry pi4

This microcomputer contains everything you need to run retro games, even in 3d. With Linux distributions dedicated to retrogaming such as Recalbox, Retropie or Batocera you will be able to take advantage of advanced features such as network gaming, automatic saves, the possibility of adding a headset or bluetooth controllers, etc. It is recommended for those who want to configure their system in detail.

Included in the base price


With much faster hardware, you will be able to play recent games and take advantage of everything a PC brings (improved connectivity, web browser to download games, video and music streaming, access to your Steam library, etc.)

PC i5 > 16gb RAM – 512gb SSD – Intel integrated graphics

i7 PC > 32GB RAM – 1TB SSD – dedicated GTX1650 graphics card

Depends on the configuration, Between 825€ and 1325€

Without game system

And yes, some options entitle you to a discount! If you want to install a game system that you already own, we deliver the machine without the Raspberry / Pandora. The connectors will be present and ready to receive your PC / console / Raspberry, or any other material.

100€ discount

Options (to add in the 3d configurator)

Illuminated buttons

The illuminated buttons are beautiful day and night, and lose none of their technical qualities compared to standard buttons.


24" 16/9 Full HD screen

It is recommended for those who want a larger terminal for more comfort for 2 and/or a larger screen, perfect for connecting next-gen consoles such as PlayStation / Xbox or a PC. With a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, this superb 24-inch screen displays the finest details, and with its matte panel it will allow you to play without being bothered by reflections. Unlike the 4/3 screen, the 16/9 format is a new screen


Protective glass

As on vintage machines, we can cover the screen with a 5mm tempered glass protection. A highly recommended option for terminals with public access

4/3 > €130 – 16/9 > €150

Change machine

Custom visuals

Do you want a unique visual on the sides / marquee of your machine? We can send you files to add to your images or take care of the creation altogether. Thanks to our configurator you will be able to have an overview of what it looks like in real life.



These low-pile carpets in the 90 x 60 cm format can be printed to match your terminal, for a complete look!

You can provide us with a file to print or request for a proposal.


Ventilated door

If you want to install a more powerful gaming system such as a PC, this openwork door equipped with a fan will allow it to breathe properly.

4/3 > €150 – 16/9 > €170

Side buttons

For Pin cab (electronic pinball) fans, we can add buttons on the sides.




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