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The answers to your questions

Technical questions

Pandora is an all-in-one system (software and hardware) while Recalbox is only software that is installed on a Raspberry. At Flex Arcade, we prefer Recalbox but it is quite possible to install a Pandora if that is your choice.

The difference is in the chassis of the arcade machine. If you choose a bartop with stand, you will be able to detach the bartop from its stand and thus facilitate the transportation of the machine or even place it on an element other than its stand (eg: table). The full-size machine has a plain frame from top to bottom, so it is impossible to detach the upper part.

Yes of course. The games are included regardless of the choice of arcade machine chosen.

FLEX Arcade arcade machines are delivered with 8000 games. 

You can find the list of available games here.

Yes, it is quite possible to add/remove games on your FLEX Arcade arcade machine. Find here a step by step tutorial to do it easily (tutorial to come).

The size of the memory card supplied with the terminal is 128gb.

The available languages are : French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Catalan, Arabic, Dutch, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Japanese, Russian and many other languages, including surely yours...

Yes, it is quite possible to add the PC of your choice. However, we recommend the following PCs: 

  • Windows PC Intel i5 8265U processor Intel UHD integrated graphics 8GB DDR4 RAM 1TB hard drive loaded with games

  • Windows PC Intel i5 9300H processor Nvidia GTX1650 graphics card 8GB DDR4 RAM 1TB hard drive loaded with games

  • Windows PC Intel i7 9750H processor Nvidia GTX1650 graphics card 16GB DDR4 RAM 2TB hard drive loaded with games

  • Windows PC Intel i9 9880H Processor Nvidia GTX1650 Graphics Card 32GB DDRR RAM 2TB Solid State Drive Full of Games

Yes, it is quite possible to play PS1 games via the Raspberry or the Pandora. It is also possible to install a Playstation in your arcade machine, this being an option. See details on this page.

Yes, it is quite possible to play Xbox games via the Raspberry or the Pandora. It is also possible to install an Xbox in your arcade machine, this being an option. See details on this page.

The screen size for the kits depends on your choice when ordering. You can choose a 4:3 screen or a 16:9 screen.

When you play a 4/3 format game on a 16/9 screen, there are decorations around it that change depending on the console you are playing on.

The complete list of components is available here..

No, the fan noise is almost inaudible.

Yes, all our types of arcade machines have passages for cables. Whether on ready-to-use arcade machines or kit terminals.

The screens have a display frequency of 60Hz.

Our arcade machines are made with very good quality materials, the lifespan is almost unlimited. The only element that may need to be changed is the screen which has a limited lifespan like any other screen.

We advise you to use a dry cloth to clean the arcade machine.

Yes, the arcade machines are delivered ready to use, you just have to plug it in and enjoy!

Yes, it is possible and we recommend it, it gives a very airy look. We can provide you with a Z-bar perfectly adapted to its suspension.


Several solutions are possible, we can deliver directly to your home, the costs will be calculated when ordering, according to your location. Otherwise you can pick up your order at our workshop. of Auneau (France).

Delivery times are on average 14 days. In any case, you are kept informed of the progress of your order.

Yes, all deliveries have a tracking number. This will be communicated to you by email as soon as your arcade machine is delivered.

Yes, we ship worldwide. It is still preferable to contact us beforehand, so that we can be able to deliver your arcade machine to you in the best conditions, for any delivery outside France.

Yes. The connectivity will be adapted to the country of delivery of the arcade machine.

No. You must pay the amount of customs taxes if necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.


Yes, as you can see from our many photos on our website or on our social networks, FLEX Arcade arcade machines are obviously suitable for both adults and children. 

Yes, if you would like a quote or any advice on an order, we advise you to contact us directly and we will do what is necessary.

No. We prefer to offer fair prices all year round. You will therefore not be disappointed to have missed a possible reduction when ordering!

Not particularly, however we have arcade machines for sale on the store that have already been used during events. These are recognizable because their prices are lower.

Just contact us directly and we will send you a quote.

If it is a rental of more than 20 units, we advise you to contact us beforehand. After studying the request, it is possible to have a preferential rate.

If you have the slightest problem with your arcade machine during the warranty, simply contact us and we will do what is necessary to help you.

The types of machines available for rental are: 2-players bartops, 2-players bartops with stand and full-size machines.

The warranty is 24 months from the date of delivery or collection of the arcade machine.

Yes, like any purchase on the internet, you can return it in the first 14 days. However, you must pay the return costs.


Yes. The list of accessories and options is available here (list to come). In addition, you also have the possibility of adding your own accessories, just ask us to find out if it is possible to add them to your terminal.

Yes. It is quite possible to connect new generation consoles. Please contact us to know the procedure to follow before placing your order.

Yes. The option is available and allows you to play pinball games while rediscovering the sensations of the past.

Yes. The option is available, it will allow you to put coins to add credits to games like in the good old days! It can even be operated with franc coins, foreign coins, etc.

Yes. The option is available for 2-player bartops with stand and full-size machines only.

Yes. Although the option is not present on the 3D configurator, we can do this on request. The price is 75€.

Yes. The option is available, you already have decorations available in the 3D configurator but if you want further customization, feel free to send us your templates. It is also possible to ask one of our graphic designers to make you a custom decoration.

Yes. You can order extra sides and marquee in our shop to change the decoration of your arcade machine according to your wishes.

Yes. The option is available, it is also one of our most requested options because it enhances the beauty of your arcade cabinet. However, it is not possible to have illuminated buttons if you choose the following colors: silver / gold / gun metal / chrome red / chrome blue / chrome pink.

Yes. The option is available, please contact us before because this option is not yet available in the 3D configurator.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to add a door to the bartop support, if you wish to have one you must upgrade to the Full-size model.

Yes we can print the visual of your choice on the entire door or only part of it, do not hesitate to ask us directly

Yes in this case we put a 5 mm thick PMMA door, and modify the lighting so that it remains on even when the door is closed, so you can use the space to display objects or your most beautiful things bottles

The bartop is fixed on the support using 4 screws that can be reached
from the inside, at the top of the support.

Yes. It is possible, just send us a request by email so that we can make you the 3D rendering.

Press / influencers / Others

Yes. We remain open to all types of partnerships. Please email Danny at the following address to discuss: sales [at] flex-arcade.fr

Yes. It is necessary to make an appointment to come to the Showroom.

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