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Strictly speaking, we do not sell second-hand arcade cabinets, but we do occasionally resell exhibition models, consult the shop!

There is no right answer to this question, but here are some things to help you choose:


4/3 screen:

Respects the original format of retro games (no black bars on the sides)

More compact machine (48 cm wide against 60 cm)

Look more retro with this screen ratio, compared to 16:9

Used screen because no longer manufactured 


16:9 screen:

Suitable for recent games (black bars on the side on retro games)

More comfortable to play with 2 because wider machine (60 cm wide against 48 cm)

Larger (24 inches vs. 20.3 inches)

New screen

Saving is perfectly integrated into all the systems we offer, you can leave a game in the middle without fear of losing your progress.


The shipping costs are fixed in metropolitan France, for delivery in Europe or worldwide contact us for a quote


In addition to the manufacturing time, which depends on each machine, you can expect 48 hours of delivery for a Bartop alone and 72 hours for a Bartop with support or a Full-Size terminal.


We can accept payment in several checks cashed at intervals agreed between us, such as 1 check cashed on shipment then 2 others every 2 months


Yes it is possible, contact us for a personalized quote!

Returns and after-sales service

4/3 screens are no longer manufactured, so we have no choice in order to be able to offer you terminals in the original format of the games, we have to buy them from companies that are renewing their computer equipment. The model we use, the Dell 2007FP, is extremely reliable because it is designed to run 24 hours a day in video surveillance rooms which have been slow to switch to the new 16:9 format. However, it happens that the electronics fail us, in this case we take the precaution of always keeping screens in stock to ensure after-sales service. Obviously, like the rest, the screens are guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor.