8 good reasons not to buy a used arcade machine

Are you a fan or fan of retro gaming? It's normal that you want to buy a arcade machine to install in your bedroom, living room or game room. However, do you intend to buy an old arcade machine or a new arcade machine? You don't really know what choice to make? Very simple. We will help you make the right choice. Here are 8 good reasons not to opt for a used arcade machine.

If you are thinking about buying a used arcade machine, the 8 reasons above should help you realize that it is not necessarily the best choice.

Unsuitable for intensive use

If you are a real gamer, buying a used arcade machine will in most cases be a bad idea. Can you guess why? The machine has already been used by a player. You don't know how much use it was subjected to by its first owner.

By purchasing a used model, you will be limited in your use. The device will have difficulty giving you of itself. This is normal, since it is the principle of amortization. Any device and machine works best in the first months of its life. The performance of the internal system and features, the responsiveness of the gaming software, buttons, etc., everything is top notch in the first months of use.

But as soon as you start using the device, after having acquired it from its first owner, know that it is offering you the second part of its life. In general, in this second part of its life, the machine will tend to degrade more quickly.

It goes without saying that the gaming experience will not really be as fun and as wow as with the first owner. So if you want a high-performance arcade machine suitable for intensive use, choose a new machine.

Reduced customization possibilities

The other downside with used arcade machines is that you don't have the ability to customize them as much as you can. In fact, most players who buy a new arcade machine personalize it. If you buy a used model, then you have purchased a model that is already personalized to the tastes and preferences of another person.

To customize this game, you will first need to delete the personalization elements of the first owner and then re-customize the terminal as you wish. As you can imagine, this is not easy. In fact, the customization of terminals is generally done in the store upon purchase of the new model. New models are easier to customize.

With a used model, you will have to pay twice. Once to return the terminal to its initial state then once to adapt it to your needs. And for those who would like to know more about personalization, it can be done on several aspects.

For example, you may want to customize buttons, customize joysticks, etc. you will have more than twenty colors to choose from. You just have to find the one that fits best with your interior decoration and that's it.

At Flex Arcade for example, you will find a whole range of terminals adapted to all needs. Without the need for excessive customization, you have a terminal fully integrated into your environment. Indeed, the Flex Arcade range is made up of:

And if you are a business and you want to have a totally unique arcade machine, there is no point in buying a second-hand model that you will entrust to craftsmen who will tinker with things on it. For example, simply contact the graphic designers at Flex Arcade to design a completely tailor-made terminal for you. The terminal will therefore be specially designed for you.

If you have several branches, several agencies or several points of sale that you want to equip with your arcade terminals personalized to your business, the graphic designers at Flex Arcade will help you. And here is what will please you more. You don't even have to worry, because the products are entirely designed and manufactured in a workshop in France and close to Paris.

Risks of recurring breakdowns

Based on the principle of depreciation that we previously discussed, it should be noted that second-hand terminals are more prone to breakdowns. In fact, at the time of purchase, you may notice that the machine operates at 100%.

But you can't know exactly which part or accessory of the machine is about to wear out and fail you. A machine can appear to be in good shape and yet all you have to do is buy it to realize that it was already a few steps away from breaking down.

Sometimes even the first owner may not know that they are selling you a machine that is about to break down. To avoid this kind of surprise, make the effort to raise the necessary amount to become the owner of a new arcade machine.

And if you don't have sufficient resources to purchase a new arcade machine, don't worry. Flex Arcade offers you the opportunity to purchase terminals from its Flex Arcade range by paying in 4 installments at no additional cost.

Having a machine with a warranty will prevent you from investing in a machine that will break down at least once a month, because these components will start to deteriorate one after the other. That would be a real shame.

Possible hidden defects

Sometimes devices that are on the used market are not there simply because the original owner bought another model or needed the money. Sometimes, it is on the second-hand market that people will drop off their devices as soon as they notice that they have a defect that affects the gaming experience.

Generally, these are not vices that can be noticed by playing once, twice or three times. As a result, there are machines containing defects that you will test without knowing that they have such a defect. You will have to really use it over a certain period so that the problems appear one after the other.

In this case, you will have spent money in vain. It will be your turn to return the machine on the second-hand market, hoping to come across another naive player who will buy it from you believing they have seized an opportunity. With this in mind, the best thing to do is to choose a brand new arcade machine. This will save you a lot of torment.

A used arcade machine will deprive you of the passion and guarantee of new

Have you ever felt what it's like to be the first to unpack a box? The feeling is never the same, it may be subjective, but it is a fact that should not be dismissed.

A used arcade machine will deprive you of that feeling that only new can provide. If you are passionate about retro gaming, don't let anyone steal that feeling from you. Pay the price you need to feel that thrill that goes through your body when you are the first user.

With Flex Arcade for example, you have the possibility of using a unique 3D configurator integrated into the site to personalize your arcade machine and visualize it before placing an order. You therefore have an absolutely new device configured by you. Which class !

No warranty or maintenance service on the second-hand market

Are you thinking about buying a used arcade machine to save money? Have you thought carefully? In fact, be aware that the materials and components used in the manufacture of terminals are subject to breakdowns or malfunctions?

With a new terminal, the seller will always offer you several months of warranty.

Some suppliers may even offer you at least 1 year of warranty, including parts and labor.

Better yet, for those who choose a terminal from the Flex Arcade range, you will benefit from a 2-year warranty, including parts and labor. You will therefore benefit from a maintenance service and after-sales service for many months, which guarantees you safe use.

These little benefits may not seem like much, but when it comes to electronic devices, they can be a big lifesaver when the time comes. Sometimes it's best to have technicians you can call to ask technical questions about the machine in case you have difficulty.

Obviously, the store or individual who sold you a used arcade machine will not be able to offer you any of these advantages. In fact, some people buy terminals and only use them for the duration of the warranty. Then, to avoid having to deal with a breakdown, they resell it on the second-hand market as soon as the warranty period ends.

In doing so, they leave the new buyer with a machine without warranty, then buy a new terminal and the same scenario repeats itself. This technique allows them not to bear the costs of a possible repair.

So you, too, must show ingenuity. Avoid the second-hand market. Buy a new arcade machine to benefit from the generous manufacturer's warranty.

Warning: you risk buying a stolen arcade machine!!!

In your opinion, do you think that all the devices and objects offered on the second-hand market are clean? In fact, you can never be sure where your arcade machine comes from if you buy it on the second-hand market. In case you don't know, many people have bought phones, appliances, game consoles on the black market without knowing that they were stolen.

In fact, resale platforms or second-hand sales sites do not have an effective protocol for verifying the origin of the devices offered to them. They often buy based on the profit margin they can make by reselling.

So, if you find an arcade machine on a used machine sales platform, you can never be sure if it is not a stolen machine sold to the platform. 

Usually, when the homeowner whose house was burglarized files a complaint and the police begin investigations, many innocent people find themselves in the sights of justice, including those who purchased the stolen devices. So, to avoid finding yourself in undesirable situations with the law, avoid second-hand arcade machines as much as possible.

Used arcade machines use more electricity

You certainly haven't thought about this aspect, have you? However, this is a parameter that should not be taken lightly. In fact, arcade machines work like any other machine.

After a certain period of use, all machines need service and maintenance. In principle, for devices that are subject to more or less intensive use, you must contact a professional who will carry out more or less regular servicing or maintenance. This is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the device and avoid sudden breakdowns which could cost more.

Unfortunately, there is almost no maintenance for arcade users. For this, as certain circuits, certain electronic and electrical components begin to age, the machine tends to exert more effort to deliver the same performance. Therefore, it tends to consume more electricity, which will be reflected in your energy bills.

It is important to take this aspect into account and favor new arcade terminals. Most of the models you will find in the Flex Arcade range for example are optimized for minimal power consumption. Obviously, these are only new models.

So, don't neglect this aspect. You are probably aware that energy prices are currently rising. You should avoid buying a machine that will make you pay hefty electricity bills. It will be a sort of bit fixed on your gaming soul, since you will be torn between your desire to play and your need to reduce the energy consumption of your device.

Why buy an arcade machine?

They are entertaining. They carry an aura of nostalgia that envelops very quickly. However, despite their age, arcade machines know how to attract players of all ages.

Available in a wide variety of models, these machines include hundreds of games for some or a single game for others, just to treat you to a moment. Some people may wonder why buy an arcade machine when you can have access to various video games on game consoles. The answer is very simple.

To have your personal terminal and feel unique sensations

The arcade machine is not yet a thing of the past. Whether it's Nintendo, Capcom, Sega, Taito, etc., gaming companies continue to find fans in the ranks of fans of retro gaming or modern gaming.

However, the quality of conversion on console or emulation on monitor screen is never perfect. The sensation is never the same as what a game on PC or TV can offer with a stick.

Buying your own arcade machine means giving yourself the chance to relive the real sensations. It also means giving yourself the freedom to play at home, in your bedroom or in the living room, without being rushed by another player waiting in the ranks.

For your games room, bar or shopping center

Initially, arcade machines were installed in places open to the public. Even today, many businesses, shopping centers, bars, and of course game rooms are no longer eager to add arcade machines to their arsenal of attracting users.

Indeed, installing high-performance attraction terminals in a shopping center, for example, will help increase the center's attendance rate, which will have a direct impact on the company's overall turnover.

So the ball is in your court. Whether for personal use or for installation in your business, the ideal is to opt for a new arcade machine. Look for a company that specializes in building these types of machines. 

This is very important, because it guarantees you a certain quality of after-sales service should the need arise. Take the time to find the model that best suits your needs.

As we told you above, you will have the possibility to opt for a kit terminal, a tailor-made terminal that you can personalize, from the chassis to the buttons, a bartop, a complete terminal, a plug and play terminal , etc. So, what is your choice?

Flex Arcade

Flex Arcade

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At FLEX we love video games, it is this passion that rocked our childhood (and perhaps yours!?) that drives us on this adventure, to design and manufacture superb machines to replay the best titles of the young history of video games. We produce a “ready to play” range but also make special orders for unique and characterful arcade terminals using for example the base of a 300L wine barrel or a French army ammunition box ! We are at your disposal for your projects, share your wildest dreams, we love to make them come true.

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