Tailored arcade machine

For those looking for a unique product.
An arcade machine designed from scratch

At FLEX we love making your wildest dreams come true! We can integrate an arcade system into any object or piece of furniture, as long as there is enough space for the screen and the controls.

As for the game system you also have the choice, Raspberry Pi, Pandora or even a PC-based system. Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your ideas!

Example 1: The Military arcade machine

A very assertive style for this machine, the Militaria V2 machine plays the codes of war games to the fullest. Based on a Swiss army ammunition box it is ready for combat, or for a game of Metal Slug The multitude of details to observe before even starting to play make it a collector's item !

– She runs on Recalbox with a Raspberry Pi4, and includes a selection of 2000 games on 32 different platforms
– 21-inch 4:3 screen with camouflage paint
– On the sound side there are 2 HP of 8 cm and a 22 cm subwoofer which goes boom boom
– Illuminated buttons and LEDs everywhere
Fast charger for 2 usb devices
– Military theme with grenade joysticks, large caliber casings, aviation switch, etc.

See the video presentation

We have 2 left in store. check out the product page! 

Example 2: The wine barrel arcade machine

For this barrel we have chosen a color scheme inspired by the famous Japanese brand which ends in do for the buttons, and a raw spirit for the rest with aged wood, just brushed barrel rims, and raw printing desks. It's a success, it makes a strong impression!

The big advantage of this design is to combine the decorative side of the barrel with the practical side because you can continue to use it as a table (we strongly recommend the pint placed on it during the game…)

Its technical details::

  • Made in a superb 300-litre Burgundy wine barrel, restored by us and with a waxed finish (soft touch, authentic appearance and it smells good too)
  • Very nice 21.3-inch screen under thick tempered glass, surrounded by a ribbon of LEDs to highlight the barrel
  • 3d printed desks with Japanese SANWA controls (the arcade reference)
  • 13 cm front speaker, with 3d printed grille
  • 2 front USB ports to connect controllers and play with 4 people
  • Game system allowing you to play nearly 2000 games, on around thirty legendary consoles, you will have a hard time going around!

To see one “in real life” go to these two bars:

Le Barbylone 112 bis Rue Marcadet 75018 Paris

The Player One 224 Rue Saint-Denis 75002 Paris


It is a unique product, available for sale !

Example 3: The audio arcade machine

Halfway between the video game machine and the portable sound system, it sets the mood wherever you put it! Easy to move with its wheels and its suitcase handle, thanks to its battery it is autonomous for the sound part.

  • 21 inch 4/3 screen
  • Focal 165AS3 3-way loudspeakers (16.5 cm / 8 cm / dome tweeter) > the quality and volume of the sound are crazy!
  • 2 x 100W digital amplifier with integrated DAC, Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX connectivity
  • Recalbox game system on Raspberry Pi4, with a selection of 2000 games on 32 different platforms
  • 4 PS3-style wireless controllers
  • 24v battery of 22000mAh, between 8 and 14 hours of autonomy depending on the volume
  • Fast charger for 2 usb devices


We are available Monday to Friday. By chat or phone from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Our Frequently Asked Questions answers most questions about our products and solutions.

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