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Event - Maker Faire

For a party, corporate event, trade show or break room,for a weekend or for many months, wherever you would like to take care of your audience with a video game activity, you can rent our arcade machines. By renting several arcade machines, you can create a real arcade room!

– We are among the less expensive on the market, and offer a reliable and qualitative solution for zero-stress rental.

– Our arcade machines are very easy to use, you just have to take them out of the box and plug them in to create an autonomous animation. 

– We can take care of the delivery, you can also pick them up from us to save time and money.

3 solution for delivery

Pick up on site

It's simple and free, it happens in Boulogne-Billancourt (92 - France) or Auneau (28 - France)

Delivery by us

For a fixed amount, we can carry out delivery and collection in Paris and its region

Rental for your events

We've had the pleasure of renting arcade machines to many customers: for the wedding of a couple of Ghost and Goblins geeks, for the birthdays of several children, teenagers and grown-ups, in the reception room of a circus school, for the 10 years anniversary of a production box, and so on!

Once installed, the arcade machine is a stand-alone animation, add a sports board and you make it a competition. No need for supervision, it works by itself!

Rental for your business

The break room is a space where your employees can relax, recharge their batteries, read a book, eat a sandwich, drink a coffee, and try to beat the Pacman box record! Treat your employees with one of our arcade machines and it will become, like the coffee machine, a meeting point for all employees who join together around their favorite game!

Arcade games are characterized by the simplicity of access and the speed of the games, for a short break. With adjustable volume controls, the arcade machine can be quiet so as not to disturb others.

We offer long-term contracts with maintenance included at controlled costs to take advantage of the service with ease.

Rent to try

Are you considering buying but not sure you want to take the plunge? If you rent an arcade machine from us and finally wish to become its owner, we deduct 50% from what you will have paid in rental from the price of your purchase.

Rental rate calculator

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Bartop 2 player with stand

Full-Size terminal

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