Atari launches a Clothing Collection inspired by the Retro Game “Tempest”

In the gaming world, nostalgic veterans and retro gaming enthusiasts alike are bracing for a wave of excitement, as Atari, the iconic brand from the video game past, has just made an announcement that is making the hearts of gamers of all generations beat faster. Atari, famous for shaping the golden age of arcade games, is making a dramatic comeback with the release of a limited-edition apparel collection, as well as art prints, all inspired by the legendary video game.Tempest.”

Since its beginnings, Atari has remained engraved in the collective memory as one of the pioneers who contributed to the emergence of the video game industry. With iconic titles and an unforgettable retro aesthetic, the Atari brand is more than just a company – it's become a cultural icon. The recent announcement of a limited edition apparel collection is further proof that Atari's retro charm continues to capture the imagination of gamers today.

Retro Game Icon: Tempest

At the heart of this new limited-edition collection is a timeless gem from the gaming world: “Tempest.” This game, born in 1981, has left an indelible mark in the history of electronic entertainment. Originally conceived as a 3D remake of the famous “Space Invaders,” “Tempest” quickly took off into something completely unique and innovative.

When players think of “Tempest,” their minds are instantly transported to familiar images. Vibrant geometric shapes, electric color gradients and futuristic vibe characterize the game's striking visual aesthetic. This distinctive visual identity has helped make "Tempest" one of the most recognizable icons of the Age of gold arcade games.

However, “Tempest” is much more than just an eye-catching visual. Its innovative gameplay and unique spaceship control mechanism has created a completely new and engaging gaming experience. Players found themselves battling through waves of enemies using a spiral shooting style, delivering a sense of three-dimensional movement that was ahead of its time. This innovative approach to gameplay has propelled “Tempest” to the top of the lists of most popular arcade games.

By choosing “Tempest” as the centerpiece of this limited edition clothing collection, Atari reaffirms its desire to celebrate video game heritage and capture the pioneering spirit that has made the brand famous. The move evokes a time when games were as much interactive works of art as they were entertainment, and each new creation had the potential to redefine industry standards.

A Link to Atari History

Beyond its status as a gaming icon, “Tempest” is deeply rooted in the very history of Atari. This game, which has made an impression since its release several decades ago, was chosen for this limited edition collection with a very specific intention: to celebrate the rich heritage of Atari and the milestones it has set in the field. of the video game.

In the early days of the video game industry, Atari was at the forefront of innovation. The choice of “Tempest” for this collection is an ode to the bold spirit that defined the brand at the time. When “Tempest” debuted in 1981, it demonstrated Atari's ability to push technological and creative boundaries. The game quickly became one of the cornerstones of the arcade gaming era, appealing to gamers with its unique gameplay and cutting-edge aesthetics.

The relationship between “Tempest” and Atari is not limited to a simple association. This game embodies the spirit of innovation that has always been at the heart of Atari's philosophy. It's a throwback to the days when game creators pushed the boundaries of existing technology to create unique and exciting experiences for players around the world.

Wade Rosen, Atari's Chairman and CEO, enthusiastically underscores this connection by stating that “Tempest” is a game closely associated with Atari's history. This limited edition collection is much more than just a commercial venture. It's a tribute to the company's heritage and its contribution to the evolution of the world of video games.

An Artistic Collaboration

storm collection

One of the defining features of this “Tempest Origins Capsule” collection is the exceptional artistic collaboration that brings the unique aesthetic of “Tempest” to life. Atari has teamed up with the talented artist Butcher Billy to create illustrations that capture the essence of the game and bring it a contemporary edge.

Butcher Billy's work transcends the boundaries of time by fusing retro nostalgia with a modern artistic perspective. His illustrations inspired by “Tempest” perfectly embody the link between the past and the present. The two designs of t-shirts and caps unveiled in preview are a captivating fusion between the classic aesthetic of "Tempest" and the distinctive artistic style of Butcher Billy.

The artist was able to capture the electric energy of the original game while injecting it with his own creativity. Geometric shapes and bursts of bright color come to life from Butcher Billy's pen, reminding gamers why "Tempest" captured their imaginations decades ago.

Maischer Billy does not stop there. An exclusive art print created by the artist is also in preparation for this collection. This print promises to capture the deep essence of "Tempest" in a visually striking fine art format, and fans are eagerly awaiting its official reveal.

This artistic collaboration transcends simple merchandising. It adds a creative dimension to the collection, breathing new life into a classic game and appealing to the artistic appreciation of video game enthusiasts. The marriage between the creative genius of Butcher Billy and the timeless essence of “Tempest” creates an immersive visual and emotional experience for gamers and art enthusiasts.

By wearing the clothes from this collection or displaying the art prints in their personal space, “Tempest” and Atari fans celebrate not only the game, but also the power of artistic collaboration to breathe new life into iconic works.

Collection Launch Date

The appointment is set for August 15 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on the official Atari website,

Excitement has peaked as the long-awaited launch date is now behind us. Yesterday, August 15 at 10 a.m. EST on Atari's official website,, was the launch of the “Tempest Origins Capsule” collection. Retro gaming fans and Atari universe enthusiasts have flocked online in hopes of snagging a piece of video game history.

This announcement generated palpable anticipation among fans of the Atari universe and collectors of retro memorabilia. At the precise time, thousands of players logged on online, eager to get their hands on the exclusive pieces from the “Tempest Origins Capsule” collection. The Butcher Billy designed t-shirt and cap designs, as well as the exclusive art print, were available during this limited window.

However, it's important to note that a slight delay has been announced, pushing the launch originally scheduled for August 15 to August 16. This situation has created some impatience among fans, but it has also fueled anticipation, hinting at even greater excitement as the new date approaches.

Collectors and retro game enthusiasts were therefore encouraged to mark August 16 in their calendars and prepare to tune in as soon as the collection becomes available online. The limited time and the exclusivity of the collection have made this release a unique and highly anticipated event in the world of video games and fashion.

August 16 was a chance for Atari fans to celebrate “Tempest” in a whole new way, proudly wearing game-inspired apparel and displaying art prints in their living spaces. This launch represents an opportunity to merge the nostalgia of the past with the modernity of fashion and art, while commemorating a timeless classic.

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