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What is DIY ? DIY means that instead of hiring a professional to perform a particular task or, instead of buying products from a store or a craftsman, you choose to do this task or create these products yourself.

That doesn't mean you can't turn to resources for help, whether you're using a YouTube tutorial, book, or blog post to find instructions or get your project on the right track. THE Do It Yourself is really about seeking the knowledge and developing the skills you need to do something instead of paying someone else to do it for you.

At FLEX Arcade, we give you the opportunity to create your own DIY arcade terminal starting from a metal frame designed specifically for the creation of terminals. You have the choice between 2 formulas, either you only take the chassis and you buy the additional parts you need yourself (screen, buttons, etc.), or we offer you the chassis + all the parts necessary to build your DIY arcade machine from A to Z.

Manufactured in France, elegant and indestructible steel chassis and access to 30 years of gaming via operating systems pandora Where recalbox (more than 8000 games!), this is what never changes on a FLEX Arcade bollard. For the rest, your DIY arcade machine is fully customizable!

Chassis only bartop 2 players with 16:9 screen and stand

DIY arcade cabinet - Frame only

The metal chassis is the basis of your arcade cabinet, it is the only element that you will only find with us. For everything else the list of components is publicly available.

You can thus buy the necessary parts yourself whenever you want to save a few euros and put together a kit according to your desires, the tools and skills you have but also the parts you already have.

DIY arcade terminal - The complete kit

If you want maximum support, don't panic, the complete kit is made for you. You receive all the parts necessary to create your terminal.

Assemble your arcade machine yourself, it's a great DIY project, without headache, just fun!

Flex Arcade - Complete Kit

A step-by-step tutorial for your DIY arcade cabinet

And whatever happens, you can watch our tutorial made by Alexandre the founder of FLEX Arcade! 

It's within everyone's reach to make your DIY arcade cabinet if you follow the steps precisely.

With Flex Arcade, no surprises...


We deliver our kiosks worldwide


Several payment methods available

4 times free of charge

In 3 or 4 installments free of charge thanks to Paypal

Time limit

We deliver your terminal in less than a month


All our products are guaranteed for 2 years

Our other arcade cabinets

Customize your arcade machine

overview of the 3d FLEX arcade configurator

Thanks to our 3D configurator

Do you have the soul of a creator? That's good ! With FLEX, you have the possibility of creating your own arcade cabinet from A to Z for a unique object that goes well with your interior decoration.

From the color of the steel frame to the personalized marquee, including the color of the buttons and joysticks.

You have a multitude of possibilities to offer you the object of your dreams.

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