Video games: Soon the end of physics?

Do physical games still have their place in the world of video games, or should they give way to the digital age? It's a question that has divided gamers and pundits for some time, but a recent debate on YouTube has reignited this discussion. So should they disappear? No, and here's why.

The Benefits of Physical Games

Tangible Possession

Yan Hey Joe, a physical media lover, shares his views on the importance of physical games. For him, possession of a tangible object is essential. Physical games allow you to hold something tangible in your hands, feel the weight of the game, and create a physical connection with your collection. This is not something you can get with digital games, where ownership remains virtual.

The Resonance of Memories

Nostalgia is a powerful force, and owning physical games allows you to immerse yourself in memories. Just the sight of these gaming cases can bring back emotions from the past, evoking cherished moments from your gaming life. It's an aspect that players like Yan Hey Joe cherish deeply.

Freedom of Choice

Another crucial aspect of physical games is freedom of choice. Players have the option to resell or trade their physical games if they tire of them. This creates valuable flexibility, especially when considering games that can become rare and valuable over the years.

Avoiding Constraints from Console Manufacturers

Digital gaming platforms, such as console online stores, may impose restrictions on players. For example, digital games are tied to your account or console, leaving you dependent on the conditions imposed by the manufacturers. Physical games, on the other hand, offer an alternative that gives players more control.

Preservation: A Major Concern

The Scary Losing Games

One of the most pressing issues related to digital games is preservation. Most gamers can name a beloved game that has disappeared from online stores without a trace. The video game industry has a sad record of losing games, sometimes permanently. This is not just about profitability, but also about the cultural heritage of games.

Retro Consoles and Emulation

Physical games offer a solution to this problem. By keeping your old games and consoles, you have the opportunity to go back, replay the classics and share these treasures with future generations. Retro consoles and emulation have become popular, but they don't completely replace the experience of the original physical games.

The Diversity of Options

The Cost of Digital Games

One argument in favor of physical games is the issue of cost. Not all gamers have the opportunity to spend 70 euros each month on a subscription to a gaming service. Many people save for months to buy a physical game that's close to their heart, often at Christmas or for a special occasion.

The Magic of Special Editions

Special editions of physical games are another reason why they shouldn't disappear. Collectors appreciate the special cases, figurines and artbooks that often accompany these editions. This adds a dimension of fun and value to physical games.

The Evolution of Instruction Manuals

Instruction manuals may have disappeared from most game cases, but they once held great importance. Beautiful maps, guides, and detailed artwork were an integral part of the gaming experience. The loss of these elements is a loss for the industry.

A Collection That Has Value

Finally, the mere sight of a shelf full of physical games is a source of pride for many gamers. It is a constant reminder of their passion and commitment to this art form. Owning a collection of physical games is an affirmation of your love for video games.


The debate over the future of physical games rages, but the answer is clear: physical games should not disappear. They offer a unique experience, an emotional connection and a way to preserve our video game heritage. Physical games are much more than a simple material possession, they are keepers of memories and emotions. So whether you're an avid collector or a casual gamer, remember to celebrate the magic of physical games and preserve them for generations to come. Their place in the video game industry is more than deserved.

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