The 10 Easter Eggs in video games that remain unfound

Video games, as an interactive medium, are truly a unique art form. Developers have the ability to reward active players who dig deep and try to discover every little detail they've put into their game. easter eggs, these secrets hidden within games, are a true joy for curious and adventurous players who venture off the beaten path to discover something that players following the main path will never see. However, not all easter eggs are created equal, and some of them still remain to be discovered. In this article, we will explore the 10 most mysterious and unexplored easter eggs in the world of video games.

1. Sega Live Singing – Sonic Mania

When Sonic Mania was first announced during Sega's 25th anniversary event for Sonic, something memorable happened. The crowd in attendance recorded a version of the iconic Sega jingle to incorporate into the game as easter eggs. Two recordings were made as a security measure. More than six years after the supposed release of Sonic Mania, Sega's live vocals remain nowhere to be found. Players have searched the game thoroughly, even looked at it in depth, but nothing. Some have speculated that Easter Eggs may have been removed due to its unsatisfactory sound quality. However, to date, no one has given precise information about this enigmatic Easter eggs.

2. The 15th Wish – Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion introduced a new raid mission called “Last Wish,” which featured a puzzle room that allowed players to enter a sequence of symbols to fulfill a series of wishes. To date, 14 wishes have been discovered, but the 15th remains a pure mystery. Players racked their brains for almost five years to solve this code and understand the 15th wish. Despite the hype around this theory, Bungie has still not confirmed the truth. Perhaps they are suggesting that this is purely speculation.

3. Box 2113 – Trials Evolution

Trials Evolution contains one of the biggest easter eggs in video games, still unsolved to this day. Shortly after its release in 2012, players discovered that a series of boards across the physics-based platform formed a code, which required players to perform a specific maneuver on a motorcycle. This unlocked a hidden song containing secret Morse code. The code took players to a website with picture puzzles and an equation. The answer to this equation revealed coordinates located in four cities: Helsinki, Sydney, Bath and San Francisco. Fans from around the world have visited these coordinates, discovering a key and plaque at each location, reading “at noon and in the year 2113, on the first Saturday in August, one of the five keys will open the box under the Tower Eiffel”. Incredibly, everyone involved in the creation of this easter egg, as well as those who discovered the keys, will likely be long dead by 2113, leaving only future generations with the hope of discovering what lies inside. inside this box.

4. The Secret Terminal by Todd Howard – Fallout 4

Shortly after Fallout 4's release in 2016, game director Todd Howard revealed that there were still undiscovered easter eggs hidden in one of the game's many computer terminals. In 2018, Pete Hines , the vice president of publishing at Bethesda, tweeted that he knew some players had discovered the secret on social media, but had not made the connection with the easter egg. Over the years, players continued to search, even using cheat commands to explore each terminal. In 2020, a popular YouTuber claimed that the secret would reveal that the player was actually a synthetic all along. However, this remains a theory without concrete proof. Nearly eight years after the release of Fallout 4, the mystery of the terminal remains unsolved.

5. The Aloha Ice Jam Shortcut – SSX Tricky

In 2014, a Reddit user claimed to have worked on the popular 2001 snowboarding game SSX Tricky as a level designer. He revealed that there was a secret shortcut to the Aloha Ice Jam track, but he couldn't remember exactly how to trigger it. He thought he was bound to an invisible wall. Eight years of intensive research and excavations have still not found this shortcut. Some speculate that it may have been removed from the game during development. The designer himself mentioned this possibility, thus leaving the mystery of this easter egg unsolved.

6. The Getting Started Easter egg – Xbox Original

In 2021, an anonymous developer who worked on the original Xbox revealed the existence of a hidden easter egg in the Xbox dashboard. By renaming a music CD to “Timmy” with lots of “y's”, players could unlock a secret team credits screen on the Xbox dashboard. This was initially thought to be the last of the secrets discovered on the Xbox over the years, but console designer Seamus Blackley tweeted that another undiscovered easter egg was still waiting to be found. Blackley didn't give many details, but revealed that it was tied to the console's startup animation and oddly enough didn't require any controller input. Hopefully this secret will be resolved one day, especially since Blackley is active on social media.

7. The Mystery of Endless Mode – Mega Man 9

Shortly after the release of Mega Man 9 in 2008, Seth Killian, then head of community at Capcom, posted on the company's forums, announcing that there was a secret in the game that had not yet been released. been discovered. Fans of the series embarked on a quest to find it, but despite numerous discoveries, none were the enigmatic secret Killian was alluding to. Capcom later hinted that the easter egg could be found in Mega Man 9's "Infinite Attack" mode. Unfortunately, years passed without a significant discovery, and some fans even accused Killian of making up the mystery to maintain interest in the game. To this day, the truth remains unknown, almost 15 years after the release of Mega Man 9.

8. The Super Easter egg – Amplitude

In 2016, well after the release of the game Amplitude, the game's official Twitter account asked a player who had obtained the Platinum trophy if he had discovered the super easter egg. The player responded in the negative and asked if other players had reported his discovery. The Twitter account responded that it still remains to be discovered. In 2020, Harmonix hinted that players were on track to find it, but they refused to say more so as not to spoil the surprise. Since then, a small group of dedicated fans have continued to scour Amplitude for this easter egg, but it remains unknown to this day. The game's Twitter account has also gone silent in recent years, making this mystery unlikely to be solved.

9. FF06B5 – Cyberpunk 2077

Unlike most easter eggs on this list, Cyberpunk 2077's undiscovered secret even has its own dedicated subreddit. Players noticed a sequence of letters and numbers displayed on a robotic statue on Union Street in the Corpo Plaza area: ff06b5. This sequence was worshiped by a group of monks, but even after data mining and examining every piece of text that players could interact with, the sequence didn't seem to mean anything. Although the game's quest designer, Pawel Sasko, confirmed that players were on the trail of a secret, he didn't reveal any more information so as not to spoil the fun. Players have come up with many theories, but none have resulted in a solution. Although the mystery has thickened, there is still hope for a future discovery.

10. The Mystery of Mount Chiliad – Grand Theft Auto 5

Finally, we come to what is probably the most maddening unsolved mystery in video game history: Mount Chiliad in Grand Theft Auto 5. At the top of the Mount Chiliad cable car station, players find a bizarre mural and distinctive on the wall, depicting a map of Mount Chiliad filled with strange symbols, including a UFO, a broken egg and a man wearing a jetpack. An object resembling a large eye is mounted at the very top of Mt. Since the mural's discovery shortly after the game's release in 2013, fans have racked their minds to understand its meaning and what it might reveal. Some optimistic theories suggest that it could unlock a demo for Grand Theft Auto 6 one day, while others simply believe that it indicates the conditions for reaching a 100 % completion of the game, which would trigger the appearance of UFOs above Mount Chiliad. However, there is no consensus on what the mural really represents. It's entirely possible that Rockstar included this easter egg simply to tease players, or perhaps it's related to content cut from the game. Either way, it will be interesting to see if GTA 6 can spark such a captivating mystery upon its release.

In conclusion, easter eggs in video games continue to intrigue and captivate gamers around the world. These 10 examples illustrate how the world of video games is full of unsolved secrets waiting to be discovered. Developers are sometimes masters of mystery, hiding clues and puzzles for players to search for for years. For those who enjoy a challenge, these mysteries remain an endless source of excitement and adventure, and the hope of one day solving them remains undiminished.

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