Discover the Behind the Scenes of the “Ahsoka” Series on Disney+

The feverish expectation of Star Wars fans is coming to an end with the imminent arrival of the highly anticipated series, "Ahsoka", on the Disney+ platform. From August 23, this new galactic adventure will come to life before our amazed eyes. Ahead of this epic plunge into the Star Wars universe, Disney+ is opening the doors behind the scenes of "Ahsoka," revealing exclusive details that are raising anticipation to a fever pitch.

The Eternal Relationship of Master and Apprentice

At the heart of every Star Wars story is the unbreakable bond between a Jedi Master and his apprentice. “Ahsoka” embraces this tradition with passion, and the exclusive report offers us a glimpse of the central importance of this intimate dynamic. The bond between mentor and student, blending ancient wisdom and modern learning, will be the common thread of this thrilling adventure.

Ahsoka Tano: An Exceptional Heroine

Ahsoka Tano, an icon of the universe, stands out for her bravery and inspiring evolution. Former apprentice ofAnakin Skywalker, she embodies the power of the Jedi. In “Ahsoka,” she takes under her wing Sabine Wren, a daring rebel already familiar to fans of “Star Wars: Rebels“. The report uncovers how this unlikely duo evolves, marking a momentous chapter in Jedi history.

Behind the Scenes Revealed: Voices of the Creators

The report explores behind the scenes of “Ahsoka” thanks to the words of the creators, in particular Dave Filoni, the mastermind behind this project in collaboration with George Lucas. The secrets of Ahsoka and Sabine's relationship are revealed under her expert gaze. Dave Filoni shines a light on the lingering influence of Ahsoka and Anakin's relationship, highlighting how carefully woven every element of the Star Wars universe is.

A Taste of the Galactic Epic

The “Ahsoka” series, created by Lucasfilm, will unveil eight episodes rich in suspense and emotion. Starting August 23, fans will be transported to a memorable epic where action, mystery and human connection intertwine. The Star Wars universe stretches out before us, exploring the uncharted horizons of the galaxy while delving into the depths of the characters' souls.

The final Countdown

The final countdown is on. From August 23, Disney+ opens the doors to a world of Jedi, bravery and adventure with “Ahsoka”. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this new era of Star Wars. Immerse yourself in the action, intrigue and revelations of this epic series that promises to delight fans and redefine the Star Wars universe.

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