What is an arcade game?

Throughout the world, there are a multitude of objects and machines that have been manufactured for decades, but which are still highly sought after today. This is the case for arcade games, for example, but what is an arcade game? They were very popular in the past by many people. If you don't know what it is, then you've come to the right place. in this article we will answer this question.

What do you need to know about arcade games?

The arcade games are games that were created in the 1980s. They were very fashionable and attracted thousands of people. The reason is that they offered many video games to customers. The latter obviously had to pay in order to have access to it. Generally speaking, it was possible to find arcade games almost everywhere. Among others, we can cite large areas such as shopping centers, stores, gaming centers, amusement parks, etc. They could also be found in many bars and film screening centers.

What are the different types of arcade games available?

You should know that there are several forms of arcade games. Each of them has its own particularity and characteristics.

Generic arcade games

One of the most popular categories is generic arcade games. In fact, they are the most appreciated by consumers. The reason is simple. They are able to offer them hundreds of games that they can play.

Dedicated arcade games

The big difference between generic arcade games and dedicated arcade games is easy to remember. They are designed in such a way that they can only accommodate one game. Generally speaking, it is very easy to identify them, because they feature the color of the game they offer. However, they are also very popular with some customers.

Bartops arcade games

When talking about bartop, note that we are still talking about arcade games. However, the particularity of the latter is that they must be placed on a table or a support before they can be used. For example, you can place them on the counter of a bar. Furthermore, bartops have the capacity to accommodate two players at a time. This is a great advantage.

Mini-terminal arcade games

The last category when talking about arcade games is the miniterminal. At first glance, it looks a lot like a bartop, because it also has to be placed on a table. However, the big difference is that the latter can only be played by one person. This particular character also attracts many people.

What are the different formats of arcade games?

Arcade games generally come in two very different formats.


The PCB or Printed Circuit Board is a plate that is installed inside the game. It is designed by the manufacturers and directly contains all the games that will be available on the device.


This is the format that is most appreciated by people who are fans of arcade games. Indeed, it comes in the form of a plate which contains a specific game. It has a JAMMA type connector which allows it to be used on any device. Several benefits arise from its use.

First of all, the cartridges are very solid. They can be transported quickly. Once you have them, you can easily change games. All you have to do is remove the old cartridge and insert the one that contains the game that interests you.

What arcade game models are available?

When it comes to arcade games, there are many models. It is therefore very important to know them, especially if you intend to buy one.

Arcade games of Western origin

If you grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, then there's no doubt that these are the ones you used in your youth. Indeed, they were very widespread. When you touch them, you realize that they were designed with wood and also metal. Generally speaking, before being able to use them, players had to remain standing. They were very fashionable in European countries. The other reason they were widely purchased is that they were made by many major brands known for the quality of their devices.

Arcade games of Japanese origin

In the 80s and 90s, the Japanese also began manufacturing these very lucrative devices. They then also offered special arcade games. However, it was not common to find them in European countries. In fact, they are much more expensive than Western models. Additionally, they are made of plastic. But it is also possible to find models made of metal.

However, you must have a large space before purchasing them. According to many people who have used them, Japanese arcade games are quite fragile. Special care must therefore be given to them. However, they have higher quality buttons. The same goes for the joystick. They also have a very large screen. We are talking about 29 inches here. All this makes them very beautiful.  

What is the most popular arcade game?

As you might expect, there are hundreds of arcade games. But nowadays, the majority of people who are still interested in them prefer those that achieved some notoriety in the 1980s. The most popular is undoubtedly the Pacman arcade game. Indeed, it is very popular because it contains a multitude of games.

However, fighting arcade games are also very popular. For example, we can talk about StreetFighter where it is possible to choose your character and use it for many modes. With these arcade games you can have fun alone or with your friends.

Arcade game sizes

Not all arcade games are the same size. This parameter varies depending on the model. Indeed, even if it is possible to find very compact models on the market, there are also some that are much larger. Compact arcade games are suitable for personal use. So you can buy them and install them in your home. They have a length of 56 cm, a width of 49 cm and a height of 45 cm. Furthermore, they only weigh 22 kilograms. Regarding the screen, the latter has a size of 19 inches.

Larger arcade games can easily have a height of 170 cm. Of course, they also have a larger screen. We are talking here about a minimum size of 24 inches. These types of games are suitable for bars, shopping centers, etc. But people who have space at home can also buy it.  

Where can you buy arcade games?

Nowadays, many people are interested in having an arcade game at home. However, since they have been manufactured for many decades, it is often complicated to obtain them. However, this is not necessarily difficult. You can simply go online and search for sites that specialize in selling these types of machines like FLEX Arcade.

flex arcade terminal
flex arcade terminal

It is then very possible that you will also find other games that might interest you. When you go to collectors, you can also find arcade games. However, you may have to buy them for a little more than their market value. The third option is auction.

Nowadays, there are also companies that offer interested people the opportunity to purchase arcade game kits. When you opt for these models, you will have to hire a professional for assembly. But keep in mind that a manual is usually available and is quite easy to interpret. So you can do the assembly yourself.

What steps should you take before owning an arcade game?

As was said above, more and more people today want to own an arcade game. However, before embarking on such an adventure, there are provisions to take into consideration. First of all, you must be sure of your choice, because these are quite large devices. Then take care to check the quality of the game as well as these characteristics.

Make sure all supports are present. This will allow you to display it more easily. Also don't forget to make your choice based on the decoration of your home. Finally, you will need to ensure that the arcade game is working properly. Then check the keys as well as the joystick. Inspect the screen properly and watch for abnormal lines or scratches. These are often signs of a problem.

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