Which screen for your arcade machine ?

There are several answers to this question because there are many criteria but I will give you some elements to help you choose the right screen ratio for your arcade machine: 16:9 or 4:3? For this comparison, we will use the two models that we mount on the 2 players Bartops and the full size machine.

4/3 screen : Dell 2007FPB

20.3 inch 1600×1200 pixels and matte IPS panel

  • A more compact arcade terminal: with a 4:3 screen, it is 48 cm wide compared to 60 cm for the 16:9 screen. This can be seen as a disadvantage or an advantage because on the one hand there is less room for two people to play, but on the other hand it also takes up less space in the living room!

  • The 4:3 has clearly a more retro look
  • 4/3 screens are no longer manufactured in these sizes, long since replaced by 16/9, so we use reconditioned screens. Despite their reliability and their well-known qualities (IPS panel, good resolution, quality construction) you have to be aware of the fact that they are in their 2nd life. To reassure our customers, we offer a 2-year warranty, and we will then ensure the availability of replacement screens so that your terminal will follow you for a long time even if the screen reaches the end of its life.

16:9 screen. : Iiyama XU2493HSU

24 inches 1920×1080 pixels and matte IPS panel

  • With its Full HD 1920×1080 resolution it is perfectly adapted to PC or Next-gen options to connect your PlayStation or Xbox. On older games which are in 4/3 the side space will be occupied by decorations or "bezels" proposed by systems like RecalboxWe think it's a really nice way to bring together the best of both worlds but tastes and colors...

  • Wider arcade terminal: with a 16/9 screen it measures 60 cm wide against 48 cm for the 4/3. It can be seen as an advantage or a disadvantage because on one hand you have more space to play comfortably with two people but on the other hand it takes more space in the living room!

  • The 16:9 has clearly a less retro look

  • Larger (24 inches versus 20.3 inches). System menus and games on recent consoles or PCs will enjoy 25% more space

  • New screen under manufacturer's warranty

If you still can't decide contact us and we will help you find the best solution.

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At FLEX we love video games, it is this passion that rocked our childhood (and perhaps yours!?) that drives us on this adventure, to design and manufacture superb machines to replay the best titles of the young history of video games. We produce a “ready to play” range but also make special orders for unique and characterful arcade terminals using for example the base of a 300L wine barrel or a French army ammunition box ! We are at your disposal for your projects, share your wildest dreams, we love to make them come true.

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