Zoom on a fully personalized Full-size 16/9 arcade machine

Today we're telling you about a somewhat special order, a full-size arcade machine Fully customized 16/9 with a big PC configuration inside.

Eddy came with his partner to our Auneau workshop to properly organize the project. From the start they had in mind what they wanted and came armed with a USB key containing 2 works created by a friend. We placed them together on the sides and the marquee on one of the Photoshop templates that we make publicly available for a first preview of the rendering. The opportunity also to do real tests for the colors of buttons and joysticks in accordance with the rest.

On the technical side Eddy wanted to be able to play both retro games but also the latest AAA titles from its Steam library. He really enjoyed purchasing the components that he provided to us for integration:

  • Intel i5 9600KF 3.7Ghz watercooled processor with a Corsair H100x
  • MSI GTX 1080 Ti graphics card
  • 1 1TB SSD for Recalbox + 1 1TB SSD for Windows
  • 32GB of RAM (4x8GB)
  • Corsair TX750M 80PLUS Gold Modular Power Supply

This is a dual boot configuration, meaning that by default the terminal starts on the Recalbox retro system, but by pressing F12 at startup you can choose to launch Windows. Thanks to Steam's Big Picture mode we then have access to a full-screen interface suitable for navigation with joystick/buttons, perfect for an arcade machine.

Full-size 16/9 fully personalized arcade machine
Full-size 16/9 fully customized arcade cabinet

To cool everything down and facilitate access to the components, we mounted the whole thing directly on the rear door. The two fans of the watercooling radiator in extraction, that of the power supply in suction and an opening to let in as much fresh air as possible just under the motherboard. Both air intakes have been fitted with dust filters to keep the interior clean. This results in a system that hardly heats up even under load, and which therefore remains very quiet (so much so that you literally have to put your ear to the back to know if the PC is turned on!)

During delivery, Eddy expressed his desire to pass an Ethernet cable to connect his terminal to the network in a reliable and efficient manner. So we drilled the sheet metal together and took the opportunity to pass an HDMI cable in case he wanted to broadcast the image on another screen.

The devil is in the details! So that he always has his Logitech K400 wireless keyboard within reach, we have equipped it with magnets, so he can place it on the top of the terminal without it slipping or on a wall hidden from view. 'interior.

It was really a great project, an extraordinary setup in a carefully decorated setting. A pleasure to work on it with the passionate geek that is Eddy, thank you again for this order we wish you many years of fun!

The terminal in action
Live from the workshop
Flex Arcade

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At FLEX we love video games, it is this passion that rocked our childhood (and perhaps yours!?) that drives us on this adventure, to design and manufacture superb machines to replay the best titles of the young history of video games. We produce a “ready to play” range but also make special orders for unique and characterful arcade terminals using for example the base of a 300L wine barrel or a French army ammunition box ! We are at your disposal for your projects, share your wildest dreams, we love to make them come true.

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