Starfield: 10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

Starfield's highly anticipated launch is just around the corner, and whether the game is a hit or not, there's plenty to explore and discuss. Public information on the game is already abundant and offers many avenues for analysis, some of which you may have missed. This article takes a look at the 10 essentials you need to know ahead of Starfield's impending release. Off to outer space!

1. A Gigantic Scale

One of Starfield's most defining characteristics is its monumental scale. With around 1,000 planets spread across around 100 solar systems, the game promises space almost as big as a galaxy. This vastness offers a multitude of activities to explore, so much so that the main quest alone should last 30 to 40 hours. Unlike previous Bethesda games, where the main quests are relatively short, Starfield seems to emphasize a rich and deep story.

2. Major Cities and Varied Worlds

Among the 10 categories to explore in Starfield, major cities and varied worlds stand out. The game has four major cities, including New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, and Aquila City, capital of the Freestar Collective, a collection of three distinct star systems. Each city offers a unique and captivating environment, with stark contrasts such as the urban cyberpunk of Neon against the welcoming vast expanses of other cities.

3. Deep Space Exploration

Starfield puts space exploration at the heart of the experience. You will pilot your own spaceship, capable of dogfights and travel between solar systems. Space combat, designed to be deliberate and tactical, requires clever management of power allocation between weapons and shields. Additionally, ship customization is a highlight, allowing you to design your own unique spacecraft.

4. The Art of the Procedural Planet

Starfield's planets aren't just for decoration. With over a thousand worlds to explore, each has its own distinct climate and flora and fauna. However, most planets are procedurally generated, offering endless variety, but also a certain lack of uniqueness. However, this does not mean that exploration is meaningless. You'll be able to discover hotspots, interact with hostile aliens, and venture into biomes as varied as dense forests or frozen lands.

5. Base Construction and Urban Exploration

Base-building enthusiasts will be delighted to find this feature in Starfield. You will be able to create and customize your own bases on different planets, which will serve as a refuge, a place of storage and even a site for the extraction of resources. The bases need power to function, but the system has been redesigned to be more intuitive. In addition, major cities also offer residences for purchase, offering a new dimension to urban exploration.

6. Elaborate Faction Quests

If you liked faction quests in Skyrim, Starfield has some similar surprises in store for you. The game features a variety of factions to join, each with their own complex storyline. Organizations such as the United Colonies, the Freestar Collective, and the Reujin Industry offer unique quests and rewards, allowing players to explore compelling side stories.

7. Character Customization and Expanded Dialogue

Your character customization is more detailed than ever in Starfield. In addition to modifying your appearance, you will be able to add optional traits that enrich your character's story. Things like where you were born and the presence of living relatives will influence your interactions and choices. Additionally, the return to a silent protagonist and list-based dialogue system provides welcome depth and variety to NPC interactions.

8. Innovative Skill System

Starfield's skill system offers a new approach to progression. Skills are divided into several trees, including physical, social, combat, science, and technology skills. To increase the level of a skill, you will have to complete specific challenges, which adds an interactive dimension to the progression. Although the system may seem complex, it aims to provide a balance between Fallout 4 games and the Elder Scrolls series.

9. Moral Ethics in Space

Starfield offers complete ethical freedom. You can choose to be a benevolent explorer or a ruthless space criminal. The option to conduct acts of piracy, steal cargo and even build a fleet of stolen ships is at your disposal. However, beware, as smuggling illegal goods can put you in trouble with the authorities.

10. The Wait Draws To An End

Starfield's release date is set for September 6 for Xbox Series X and S consoles, as well as PC through the Microsoft Store and Steam. Subscribers to the Game Pass service will be able to enjoy the game from the day of its release. However, those who upgrade to the Premium Edition will get early access, starting September 1. Note that the game will require a large storage space, with a size of 139.84 GB.

In conclusion, Starfield is shaping up to be an epic space adventure with endless possibilities. From procedural planets to gripping factions to deep character customization, the game promises to immerse players in an immersive and thrilling experience. Whether you're a space explorer or an interstellar criminal, Starfield seems ready to meet your expectations and challenge your limits.

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