10 Very Rare Video Game Weapons

Video game weapons tend to feel extraordinary when they're unique. The Legend of Zelda Sword and Doom's BFG 9000 are iconic, not only for their immense power, but also because there's nothing like it in their respective games. However, there are certain weapons, swords or explosives that take exclusivity to the extreme, only giving players one chance to obtain them during a game. To have the best chance of victory or reach a 100 % completion rate, be sure to hunt down these valuable video game items. I'm Jess from What Culture, and here are 10 powerful video game weapons that you only have one chance to get.

Scourge of Ages – Baldur's Gate 2

In Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, there are a few weapons that can turn the tide faster than the Scourge of Ages. To acquire this beast, players must know exactly what to do. First, they must travel to Diana's Fortress and locate the four specific components of the scourge. Once these parts are brought to Roger the Fence in the Temple District, he will be able to forge this monster effortlessly. The Bane of Ages easily cuts Baldur's Gate 2 enemies down to the waist and interrupts magical attacks, leaving spellcasters with little chance to strike back while wielding this beast. Even the strongest golems, dragons, or trolls should not pose a threat. However, the blight is very easy to miss due to a villain named Torgal in the very last room of the fortress. If you leave after defeating him instead of searching for these components, the multi-headed scourge disappears permanently. Since there is no indication that the weapon is only available for a short period of time, it can be easily missed, especially on a first playthrough.

A321 Plasma Rifle – Fallout 3

In Fallout 3, if players want to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, they should look for the A321 plasma rifle as soon as possible. A single shot from this energy weapon melts enemies in seconds thanks to its abundant ammunition, high firepower and high carrying capacity. This plasma rifle has no counterpart. However, this powerful weapon is only available after completing the side quest “The Replicated Man”. The mission involves locating an android named Harkness who is hiding from his creator, Dr. Zimmer. Although the quest is neither difficult nor long, certain actions will have irreversible consequences. Indeed, Zimmer and Harkness want different things. Players must decide which side to side with. If you ally with the android, he will give you his plasma rifle. But if Harkness is sold to its master, the A321 disappears. While siding with Zimmer offers other rewards, they aren't of the same caliber as this super-powered rifle from Fallout 3. If you're itching to equip one of Fallout 3's best weapons, make sure to support Harkness.

The Hyper Chip – Mega Man X3

In Mega Man X3, the titular robot can enhance his powers by collecting energy tanks, secondary tanks, and armor upgrades. On top of that, there are four pink capsules that further enhance X's abilities. However, there's a catch: once the Blue Bomber accepts an upgrade from one pink capsule, the other three disappear. Fortunately, there is a way, but only if X deliberately avoids the pink capsules. To do this, you must collect all the items in the game and go to the last stage. After defeating the first mini-boss, drop down the first gap and press the left wall. If you avoid all upgrades, you'll discover another secret pink capsule that grants X the Hyper Chip. This upgrade greatly expands X's Charged Shot, allows it to regenerate health, take half damage from enemies, consume less weapon energy, and perform a double air blast.

The Ice Arrows – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

After completing the Gerudo Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link gains access to a new area called the Gerudo Training Ground. As our hero travels through this maze he obtains a series of small keys using these keys to open the locked doors of the facilities, Link is rewarded with ice arrows which can freeze enemies in place. However, obtaining these icy projectiles is not simple. Link needs to be equipped with almost every item in the game, including the Lens of Truth, Iron Boots, Megaton Hammer, and Silver Gauntlets, all scattered throughout the game world. Additionally, there are two paths to reach the ice spiers: one sealed by seven locked doors, the other by eight. Since there are only seven keys to find, reaching the ice arrows becomes impossible if Link takes the wrong path. If this happens, it's not the end of the world, as ice arrows are not required to complete the game, but it's still annoying to miss them, as ice arrows are the most common projectiles most powerful Ocarina, by far.

The Satori – Cyberpunk 2077

Guns are a sensible choice in Cyberpunk 2077, as they allow V to stay away from enemies while still dealing damage. However, using a katana is much more fun. Swords may not have as much range, but they make up for it with their hitting power, as they can take out bad guys with lightning speed, especially when performing a sneak attack. The Cyberpunk 2077 game offers the most powerful blade, the Satori, from the first act. However, it's important to emphasize the "can", as the Satori Sword is only available for a short period of time after Saburo dies during the heist mission. T-Bug will order V out instead of following orders. V can take the stairs to the roof where he will find two guards protecting Arasaka's AV. After defeating the thugs, V will find Saburo's katana inside. Although the Satori deals 20 less base damage, it also unleashes 500 critical damage, making this sword a mega-destroyer for the rest of your game.

Machine Gun – Resident Evil: Code Veronica

In Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Claire Redfield can collect two machine guns relatively early in the main campaign. With these rapid-fire weapons, she can aim at two targets simultaneously, allowing her to mow down anyone who crosses her path. However, there is a catch. Steve Burnside, hanging around with a dejected look on his face, takes these guns from Claire shortly after. Since the machine gun can shred zombies in seconds, it would have been great to keep them around. It turns out it's possible if Claire returns to the military prison and gives Rodrigo a hemostat. He will exchange his lighter for Claire's master key. It doesn't seem important at the time, but the exchange has a big advantage later. When players take control of Claire's brother, Chris, he will meet Rodrigo, who will give him his lighter. This allows the Special Agent to unlock a pair of machine guns in the catacombs. Although there are still plenty of undead to deal with, things should be easier now since you are equipped with two brooms.

The Spear of Destiny – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Unlike the other entries on this list, getting the Spear of Destiny in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is not a problem. The problem lies in keeping it until the end of the game. After defeating McLennan in Chapter 5, the protagonist Byleth will be able to obtain the precious spear. However, after our hero returns to Lady Raya, she will confiscate it. This is a shame, because the Spear of Destiny is an ideal tool due to its extended range, increased accuracy, and immense power. If the wielder has certain crests, the spear can trigger an additional attack or critical damage. Plus, she looks really cool. Luckily, Byleth can persuade Rhea to let her keep the spear. To do this, Sylvain must be in your team, and for him to appear automatically, you must be a member of the Blue Lions. However, even if you are not a member of this house, you can still convince Sylvain to join by playing as a female Byleth. Unfortunately, the Spear of Destiny cannot be kept permanently if none of these conditions are met.

Iris – Golden Sun: The Lost Age

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, our heroes can find a summoning tablet in Animus Sanctum. After acquiring this tablet, players can summon the most powerful ally in the game, Iris. If summoned in combat, Iris will flood the area with destructive light, which is very handy for taking on some of the tougher bosses. Unfortunately, the door to the inner sanctum can only be opened after our heroes have collected 72 small creatures called jinn. The problem is that the game only contains 44 jinn. So what's going on with the other 28? This is where things get complicated. The Lost Age allows to transfer data from the first Golden Sun using a password or game link cable to enter the inner sanctum, players need to hunt all the jinn in the first game, transfer the data to L 'Lost Age, then find all the jinn in this game also. If a single djinn in the first version is missed, Iris cannot be obtained. Unfortunately, many Golden Sun players were unaware that they needed to meet these requirements to access the Inner Sanctum, and as a result, few Golden Sun fans had the satisfaction of summoning Iris in combat.

The Lightning of Grand Sax – Elden Ring

Players can find the Bolts of Grand Sax in Lane Dell after defeating Godfrey. Once the Elden Lord is dead, players should take the elevator down, where they will see a gigantic spear sticking out of the ground. This aberration is as big as a building, so it's pretty hard to miss. However, the bolts of grand sax rely on this spear and are often ignored, as the weapon is not visible from afar. Only by riding the spear and exploring the top can the legendary artifact be collected. Bolts of Grand Sax are an incredible weapon, dealing 20 bonus damage to dragons and 10 bonus damage to ancient dragons. As a bonus, he can also throw an electric projectile at enemies from afar. However, since this is a From Software game, fans knew that obtaining this divine ancient couldn't be easy. Bolts of grand sax can only be obtained while Malikath, the Black Blade, is still alive. Once he is defeated, the lightning projectile disappears into thin air. Unfortunately, most Elden Ring fans learned this information the hard way.

Excalibur 2 – Final Fantasy 9

On average, Final Fantasy 9 takes almost 40 hours to complete, but to obtain the game's most powerful weapon, Excalibur 2, players must reach the Space Gate in the final dungeon in less than 12 hours. Accomplishing this feat is even more difficult than it seems, as you must first skip all the side quests, which means giving up useful items and weapons. Additionally, some battles can drag on due to the game's mechanics, forcing players to restart at the nearest save point. Unfortunately, the game's endless conversations and FMV sequences cannot be skipped, and pausing the game does not stop the timer. To top it off, the PAL version of Final Fantasy 9 runs slower than the Japanese and American versions, making it even more difficult for European players. Fortunately, the quest is much easier in the remastered version of the game, as it includes a slow motion feature. However, obtaining such a powerful weapon is a challenge, as the requirements are so strict that most players won't even attempt it, knowing that they will miss their chance forever if the game time exceeds one second's limits. 12 hours.

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