What team building activities to do in Paris?

No company is immune to conflicts between employees. In addition, relations between employees and supervisors are not always rosy. Societies where disagreement or fear reign are not necessarily productive. Most are headed for failure.

Fortunately, the concept of team building that emerged following Elton Mayo's studies solves this problem. By participating in interactive activities with the aim of obtaining results, employees can open up better. They then end up developing a more dynamic and productive professional relationship.

In order to strengthen collaborative work in your company, here are some original team building activities to help you.

Summary :

Rental of arcade machines

An arcade machine takes the form of a machine that allows you to play video games. It is a piece of furniture of considerable size, equipped with a simple mechanical system or more or less advanced technology. The video games offered by an arcade machine are easy, but have progressive levels of difficulty.

flex arcade terminal

Why choose an arcade machine?

The vintage side of arcade machines makes them appealing to all generations. For the oldest, the terminal brings back childhood memories, while for the youngest, it enriches the cult and introduces cult titles.

All arcade machines have around forty video games: Street Fighter, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Section Z, Space Invaders or Mario Bross to name only the popular titles. Whatever their nature, old games demonstrate a favorable simplicity in a team building concept. Absolutely everyone can get a good grip in just a few tries.

Finally, the arcade machine as a team building solution is more economical. The team hardly needs to travel and the terminal rental costs remain within the reach of all types of businesses (small, medium or large group). The game furniture can be installed in a company premises so that the activity can be carried out on site. This saves time.

How to organize a team building with arcade machines?

Some arcade games are played individually, others with several people. In both cases, spectators can rally around a player to motivate them and give them tips for winning. The possibilities for confrontation are numerous. You can use the scoring system for each member to try to break records. The performances of each participant will not fail to create emulation.

If your group is larger, create small teams of three and compete against each other in elimination games in versus games. You'll probably need more than just one arcade machine to have fun and build teamwork.

How to rent arcade machines?

Choosing an arcade machine to carry out a team building activity is an excellent solution for bringing together players from the professional world. That said, long before enjoying your retro gaming, you should know where to rent your terminal.

FLEX ARCADE is the designated brand from which you can rent your arcade machines. There you will find quality terminals, with foolproof resistance and different models accompanied by a range of games. In addition, FLEXARCADE's arcade rental service offers the lowest prices on the market.

Rental of table football

The table football game table no longer needs to be presented. For years, it has been a great source of distraction for adults and children alike. It is a fun tool that has brought together people from different generations several times with the same center of interest. Why wouldn't the same be done between professional collaborators?

Why a table football for team building

If you intend to organize a fun, memorable activity that promotes teamwork, the table football game table will meet your expectations. You can play with several people (in teams of at least 2).

Like arcade machines, table football furniture can be rented and installed in company premises. So you always have the opportunity to save money.

Which table football model is best suited for team building?

The table football model most suitable for team building is the one that meets the objectives of the group activity you are organizing. It is recommended to avoid 2-player mini table footballs. They risk highlighting the effect of competition.

So prefer classic table footballs with 4 players or even XXL models or giant table footballs. These have 8 players.

How to organize your team building with table football?

Simply create teams of 2 or 4 depending on the table football model (classic or XXL) you have opted for. Then organize mini tournaments if there are a lot of teams. Observers will be able to contemplate the ongoing confrontation. At their level, teams can be reconstituted to ensure that an opponent becomes a partner.

Construction table football

Unlike classic table football which is a game, construction table football consists, as its name suggests, of creation. In fact, it involves building a table football out of cardboard and made of various colors.

Why a construction table football as an activity?

Construction table football is one of the recent activities developed specifically to facilitate team building workshops.

The concept of this creative activity is not just about creating a cardboard table football. You also have to be creative in order to obtain material in attractive colors and shapes. The assembled boxes can receive ornaments. Basically, almost anything goes to get an excellent result.

Having a satisfactory group result will generate real teamwork, understanding, acceptance of individual ideas and discussions on the best options to choose. Enough to create, develop and optimize the sense of collective work among the participants.

In addition to team cohesion, construction table football is an activity that can also be carried out on company premises. The financial side and bad times cannot therefore be obstacles to its successful completion. You just need to buy enough boxes and the essential equipment so that each employee can get started.

Street art

Still within the concept of creation, the street art workshop offers company employees the opportunity to discover a new perspective. You have undoubtedly already seen street paintings on some walls in Paris. It's time to discover a little of the treasures hidden by this particular artistic side while promoting collaborative work.

Why street art in team building?

Street art is the subject of growing interest among both creators and admirers. On the one hand, it allows professional artists and amateurs alike to exhibit their talents. On the other hand, it gives those who do not have the opportunity to go to the museum the chance to contemplate artistic work.

In a street art workshop, there is therefore this desire to create and the feeling of discovery which combine to retain the full attention of the employees who participate. The latter will therefore either have access together to a universe which until then seemed inaccessible, or practice a common hobby.

They will have time to work on stress management, communicate, exchange ideas or provide critical opinions while developing solidarity.

Street art as a team building activity therefore relies on the rallying effect of the cultural discovery of an artistic movement.

How to participate in a street art workshop?

You would need to contact a brand specializing in this type of team building workshop to carry out this activity. Several of these brands offer their service in Paris. They offer activities indoors, on the street or in regulated spaces. Generally, their program is similar to this:

  • meetings with street art professionals;
  • discussion sessions and sketching;
  • discovery of techniques specific to street art;
  • carrying out a project individually or in groups, accompanied by souvenirs to take away.

Some street art team building groups even offer to visit the best works created in the capital. An opportunity to relax, exchange freely and have a good time with colleagues.

The escape game

We couldn't list team building activities with results without talking about the escape game. The escape game is a puzzle game that can only be played in teams. A group of players are “locked” into a room or set of structures where they must solve a series of problems to progress or escape within a time limit.

The advantage of the escape game in team building

The concept of the escape game makes it the ultimate team building activity. It highlights the need for cooperation between players to emerge victorious in the events. The escape game is like a moralizing game that raises awareness of the importance of resolving situations through collaboration. there is strength in unity as they say.

Play improves communication and breaks down the walls that the corporate hierarchical system can create. The activity places players on the same level and gives them the opportunity to speak in a non-professional context.

The escape game requires individual involvement. He asks that each participant invests in common success. As a result, it also allows all players to showcase themselves and create connections.

How does the game space work in brief?

An escape game game generally lasts 60 minutes. In terms of numbers, a conventional team is made up of 3 to 6 players. As explained above, the task involves solving puzzles through an immersive storyline. The coherence of the story and the theme are very important elements.

Throughout the game, participants are followed by the Game Master through hidden cameras. The latter can give them clues if they are stuck.

In France, teams can book an escape game and dedicate it exclusively to the group, even if the number of players does not reach the maximum allowed. You can therefore only involve members of your company.

The top chef workshop

The top chef workshop is a very popular culinary team building event. As on television, employees will prepare meals with a given number of ingredients. Of course, they will have a time constraint.

Workshop participants can always be separated into teams under the supervision of the chef (not necessarily professionals). With 2 hours of time, each team is supposed to create a cooking recipe using seasonal ingredients imposed by the chefs. The jury composed for the occasion is responsible for defining the winning team.

The top chef workshop is a team building activity renowned for:

  • develop creativity individually among participants and collectively throughout the group;
  • improve cohesion between employees;
  • allow you to learn while having fun in the kitchen.

It should also be mentioned that in such a workshop, it is not only the flavor of the dishes that is taken into account. Elements such as organization, imagination, and even hygiene are observed to select the winning teams.

In addition to strengthening the team, the workshop therefore adds values and knowledge to each participant both professionally and culinaryly.

The top chef workshop is also one of the activities that requires supervision from a service provider. A company (not specialized in cooking) does not have the necessary equipment and the appropriate kitchen setting. It would also be more expensive to prepare a dedicated space with equipment, as well as professionals for support.

Virtual reality

The virtual reality or VR is a recent technology that allows users to have a complete and immersive fictional experience. The latter no longer become simple spectators. Thanks to the VR headset, they are immersed in the new reality that appears before their eyes.

VR team building is an original digital trend. It seamlessly combines innovation and teamwork. First of all, it’s an experience that makes you want to participate. Then, it allows you to carry out several traditional team building tasks.

Indeed, thanks to the multiple multimedia experience, we can carry out workshops such as:

  • the VR escape game team building with the same concept as the classic game;
  • games of different types: plane pilot, car or fighting game;
  • fictitious creative workshops.

Virtual reality animations are purely interactive. The whole team can participate simultaneously. In addition to the concept of virtual reality, the new experiences will create curiosity among employees.

VR team building also offered remote workshops the chance to actually achieve their objectives. Even though they are far away, employees feel closer. That said, VR team building requires real funding for the organization and especially for the acquisition of equipment.

The relaxation workshop for teleworkers

For a team made up of teleworkers, it is naturally possible to create a simple and effective team building workshop. With the relaxation workshop at home, employees will interact via video. They will therefore not need to leave their homes.

The animation is often led by a professional qualified in relaxation activities. Although communication is not present enough compared to other activities, a bond between collaborators is nevertheless established and certain barriers can be overcome.

Please note that team cohesion is not the only benefit that can be gained from a group relaxation activity. It is also an opportunity to break the solitary atmosphere of daily work.

Poorly managed teleworking can cause low energy and a lack of productivity. The days seem to be the same and the posture of the body in a familiar environment can create pain. All of these represent causes of demotivation. Hence the importance of practicing this activity as a team.

For more proximity and to get away from the family environment, you can decide to follow the session in the facilitator's premises. You will take advantage of this opportunity to carry out other outdoor team building activities before or after the session.

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