Reunions and arcade machine rental, it works!

In May and June, I bet you have all your weekends booked since November, like everyone else (at least officially). Indeed, family reunions or between old high school/college/club friends, x and/or y's bachelor parties, S., G. and V.'s 30/40/50 birthdays are being prepared in FLEX Arcade six months in advance in anticipation of the summer season. And in general, it's a party, we're full and we rent a big house. And if you're going to rent a house, why not rent an arcade machine? In any case, the reasons for doing so are not lacking and the objections are negligible. In good faith. In all bad faith too.

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  1. An arcade machine is more than a gadget, it's an attic and an amusement park
  2. The constraints of renting an arcade machine: negligible!

“It’s not reasonable”, “it’s not necessary”… That’s what you think. Or that's what we'll say when you bring up the idea of renting an arcade machine for that weekend with old friends that you've been organizing for months.

Renting an arcade machine is prepared, of course, it's not like the board game that you can slip into the car at the last minute because your little cousin specifically asked for it. brings it. But this is not an insurmountable obstacle: a Bartop terminal is less bulky than the 5 cases of wine brought from Burgundy last October (remember that? It wasn't very reasonable either...). And above all, it is little compared to the joy it brings with it.

Especially since there is no shortage of opportunities for reunions. For family, they are self-evident, but for old friends, new ones are always created. For example, how many stag or hen parties have you attended in recent years, even though you are over forty? Curious, right? So, after a certain age, it seems to me that retrogaming is possibly more suited to this type of new event than selling toilet paper in the street. 

Have I convinced you yet? If yes, visit this page. If not… Can I still try? 

The only question to ask yourself: where to place the arcade machine during the weekend?

1. An arcade machine is more than a gadget, it's an attic and an amusement park

Reunions with family or friends are an opportunity to have fun reminiscing about the past and having fun in the present as we did in the past. This is good, an arcade machine fulfills both functions.

The arcade machine means “nostalgia”, “good old days” and "Do you remember ?"

This place is not necessarily ideal

Reunion weekends are nourished by symbols of the past: dishes and good old barbecues, photo albums and balloons in the tiles or under the brambles (argghhh), board games, records and clothes to fuel the unchanging discussions about the matches, songs and series from yesteryear... And for those who were born in France after 1980 or shortly before, aren't childhood and adolescence also associated with video games and consoles, those we had, those that We didn't have those we played and those we would have liked to play?

Video game games with friends or siblings that seemed so mechanical and sterile to your parents have over time become powerful vectors of nostalgia and warm memories. The presence of an arcade machine not only enlivens the present, it can symbolize the past. Basically, the goal is just to raise the question that everyone is waiting for: " Do you remember ? »

Video games are a unifying activity 

It's not bad there.

You will tell me: why add a screen when screens are already a problem? And even more so in the presence of children, with whom war has already been declared over the abusive use of screens, and in the presence of D., who in any case is going to spend his weekend managing his business, and in presence of W., who takes 10 photos per minute and shows them to everyone. Yes but no. 

Isolating yourself on your screen is not the same as gathering around the same screen to have fun together. Video games can and should be a group activity, just like taking walks around the corner, preparing meals, doing yoga, going for morning runs and playing soccer. Advantage: breakdowns are rare in arcade games. You may not be young anymore, ladies and gentlemen.

Generational fusion

It's a risk, of course.

If you are part of a group of friends of the same age, challenges are necessarily part of the way you act in a group. If you don't take part yourself, you enjoy watching others challenge each other (and you run the betting cash, which can be useful). In this case, gaming is the ideal terrain.

The list of video games available to you when renting the arcade machine is endless, of course. For a weekend, perhaps it would be in your interest to choose old classics that everyone can understand. Challenge Pac man ? Tournament street fighter ? World Cup Sensitive Soccer or Fifa On the road to the 98 World Cup ? A trip Star Wars ?

Intergenerational fusion

If you don't feel capable of keeping up with the pace set by your children or teenagers on modern video games, retrogaming is an opportunity to reset the clocks, or even the clocks. No need for a long initiation, everyone can play the same game very quickly, adults with children, adults against children, adults against adults, children against children. 

A game of arcade games doesn't last very long and starts over and over again. For children, this has the advantage of rotating the players and limiting the immediate frustration of the game. riches of the world that they can never end, for example (I feel like my childhood memories are colliding with this article).  

The limited duration can simplify or complicate the rule of “ok, but it’s the last one” depending on whether the “last” was really too short or really very long (you're not jeopardizing a potential record, after all). But anyway, the “last” is never really the last, right? The last one is the one that is “really” the last. Or not. 

You see ? Happiness in bouquets, memories in the making!

But above all, the arcade machine means: “Prepare your revenge”

We have seen the collective motivations for renting an arcade machine for a reunion weekend with your “friends”. But perhaps you have other reasons to insist on renting “absolutely essential” an arcade machine in this magnificent country house? An idea in mind?

It doesn't have to come to that, either.

Yes, they forgot, but you didn't. These parts of mortal kombat or street fighter during which you systematically took on the role of painkiller... You didn't master combos, and for this reason you had to be mocked and marginalized within the group? And your friend D., hadn’t he told you several times, with a sigh, “no, but I’ll show you” before snatching the controller from your hands? He never showed you anything!

It's over now. The weekend is booked and you have plenty of time to train. And give them a beating during this reunion weekend between “friends”.

Afterwards, if you definitely can't do it, be fair, stay calm, take part in the yoga activity in the garden. It's still nice, a weekend in the countryside.

2. The constraints of renting an arcade machine: negligible!

“It’s heavy, it takes up too much space, it’s expensive, it’s complicated.” Is that what you're still telling yourself? I definitely don't agree.

Is the terminal bulky? Well no, there is the Bartop!

Everywhere, we tell you.

To play on an arcade machine, there is no need for a “full size” with a holder to store the bottles (even if it's very cool, I recommend it). The top part, namely the “Bartop”, that's enough. A Bartop for two players weighs around 30 kg, for 60 cm depth. See this little video on the transport of a rented terminal. Not rocket science, right?

The Bartop can easily be accommodated in a car and can be placed anywhere in the rental. And just plug it in to play. And if you decide that “enough is enough now”, guess what? It's unplugging! Before reconnecting just as easily, of course. Maybe a child will try it on the sly… We all would have done it. 

Transportation ? Not so complicated

Even on a walk!

For collection or delivery, it's not much more complicated, everything is explained in this page. You just need to organize your logistics. You have already found a unique date to bring together so many people: when you think about it, it was much more complicated.

Expensive, renting an arcade machine? Well no, there are many of you!

On the one hand, prices are adaptable depending on the choices you make (collection or delivery, for example). At FLEX-arcade, a weekend delivery of two bartops with delivery, installation and return to departments 75/78/92/28, costs for example 327 euros including tax. 

On the other hand, this cost is divided into as many people as you want. And an arcade machine, in general, everyone uses it several times during the weekend. 

So, for all these reasons, renting an arcade machine definitely doesn't seem like an unreasonable idea to me. And if we mentioned in this article the idea of reunion weekends, there are plenty of other valid reasons to rent an arcade machine: private parties, seminars, whims of a day, a month, finally learn how to beat your childhood friend at video games... Choose yours!

The only thing to avoid...

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At FLEX we love video games, it is this passion that rocked our childhood (and perhaps yours!?) that drives us on this adventure, to design and manufacture superb machines to replay the best titles of the young history of video games. We produce a “ready to play” range but also make special orders for unique and characterful arcade terminals using for example the base of a 300L wine barrel or a French army ammunition box ! We are at your disposal for your projects, share your wildest dreams, we love to make them come true.

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